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Time is everything that

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Benden Weyr


Lineart by Kaiserflames     |    Commissioned by Celeanor  |   Templates by Kin


Welcome to Alternate Benden, a sister site to Dragonriders of Pern: Legacy.  We are a 14th Pass, semi-canon Adoption-Weyr Fansite based on the works of Anne McCaffrey. Our story thus far is based on imagining what Pern might look like after a one-two punch of industrial innovation, and a checkered past of socioeconomic unrest that shook the old world down to the foundations. Loosely inspired by the Victorian Era and the Roaring Twenties, our modern 14th Pass Pern is finally on the upswing with the mining of asteroids over the last hundred turns for the resources Pern herself lacks. The population is swelling, and congregating, in major Holds—turning Fort Hold into a booming metropolis of intrigue and investment.

Adding complication to the mix is the strange happenings off the coast of Benden Weyr.  There, a strange anomaly known locally as 'the Waypoint' has created a rip in space/time, allowing our modern Pern to be accessed by residents of dozens of worlds.  Thanks to the quick thinking of the Valor Wingleader, Kera of Blue Helionth, these intergalactic refugees have found safe harbor on Pern adjacent to Coast Hold - for a price.  Secrecy is paramount, with any non-Pernese sworn to a magic-bound vow to keep the truth of their origins and magical nature to themselves.  

Naturally, there are mishaps.



Clutch 01: Pale Gold Akyth & Night Danath all adoptables are ADOPTED! Yay!  Our next Flight will be Gold Naleth! She comes from a deep pedigree of much beloved characters, so expect all sorts of fun and plots! Get your candidates ready~! Flight is expected to be flown mid-September.


Clutch 01: Pale Gold Akyth & Night Danath has HATCHED!  Pick up can be found HERE and Adoptables are posted HERE!  Congrats new riders!

Adoption Weyr?

What is an adoption Weyr?  If you have come here from one of the many online forum RPGs that make up digital Pern, this concept may seem familiar.  In effect, you write up a character - hosting their stats and stories on the medium of your choice; forum, website, blog etc.  Once written to your satisfaction, you submit your character to an adoption Weyr (there are a few! See our affiliate links!) when a clutch is on the sands and wait.  

On Hatching Day, the Adoption Weyr will write up a matching dragon/bondable character for your character submission.  A story will be posted illustrating the bond (some adoption Weyrs will run real-time RPs) and you will be given a link to pick up the images and profile for your new dragon!

Afterwards, congrats! Your character now has a bond! What you do with them is completely up to you! Some sites allow you to have your character join the existing storyline (such as this one) while others are strictly click-n-go.  

Adoption Steps

Create a character! Use a forum, web page, blog - anything!

Send in your character using our forms located HERE!

Wait for the clutch to hatch. We post approximate hatch dates.

Your dragon (including basic profile and stats) will be emailed to you!

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